means story-telling in Sanskrit and we are a Nepali heritage lifestyle and home boutique. From home decoration to dining accessories, from fashion statements to silver jewellery and from luxurious journal to 100% yak knits- everything we sell is 100 per cent Handcrafted in Nepal.



in Nepal dates back to centuries and still lives among a few people, whom we call The artisans. We hold dear to these ancestral skills and with Kathika, ‘we’re on a quest to keep the dying culture of craftsmanship’.


We give Nepali designs a platform in Western Europe. By doing this, we are able to preserve the fading ‘culture of craft’ , give acknowledgement to the artisans and encourage the younger generation to follow the legacy of century old family traditions.


Old, ancient crafts are being used in contemporary designs and products. The skills of the Nepali artisans are being recognised by the global citizens. Mass consumption is considered “not done” and people choose for quality and uniqueness again.